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Writer's Block: Step right up!

What kind of act would you want to perform if you joined the circus?
none.... Im too afraid to do the circus....


Aku tidak kenal dia, dan dia juga tidak mengenal aku. Kami hanya dua dari 2 milliar manusia yang eksis di dunia ini. Seperti proton, neutron, dan elektron. Cahaya kilat dari kejauhan. Hanya sebuah keberadaan yang singkat di hidup ini.

Hey, dapatkah engkau mendengarku?

Aku ingin berjumpa sekali lagi
Melihat wajahmu sekali lagi
Dan berkata, ”senang bisa mengenalmu.”

Mungkin ini hany reaksi kimia, atau hanya sebuah hayalan padaku
Tapi aku harus tahu
Aku harus tahu

Hey, Apakah kau merasakannya juga?
Dorongan kuat untuk terus melihatmu?
Ingin terus melihat matamu yang indah
Menatap senyummu yang polos dan ceria

Dua kali dalam setahun
Tepat di bulan april
Hanya pada saat itu kita berjumpa
Apakah kita akan bertemu lagi tahun depan?
Ataukah aku harus menguburmu dalam kenangan?’
Membiarkanmu terbang melayang seperti semua yang aku cintai
Dan tidak akan pernah merasa kembali

Hey, hey, lets we meet one more time
Di Bunkasai tahun depan
Di tempat pertama kali aku dengan malu – malu mengajakmu berfoto

Hey, jika kau mendengarku
Maukah engkau bertemu sekali lagi?

Diantara hayalan dan realita, 19 april 2009

God is real

well, i know I was not a really religious people. I dont know when I enter this stage, but I was a very religious before. I went to church every sunday, had a good "talk" with god, and of course I rely on him at every momnet in my life.
but then suddenly i stopped talk to him. just like that. without any relevant reason.

after 4 years, without any communication, i come to believe him again.

my family faced a severe economic problem. we have a debt, getting more and more expensive every single days. when my mom tried to borrow some money from her family, they said they didnt have any. we really desperated. but the next moment someone called us and said that all of our debt already paid by someone!!!

wow... we speechless for a moment.

who ever it is, I really happy and love him / her for helping us. but I know, behind it all, god still love us...

Greeting to all of you ^^

well, actually I dont know what the heck with me when i joined this forum (or journal???). I just have this weird urge to join whatever my friends didnt join. yup.. this online journal not popular in my country. one of my frien even asked me wether i joined one of those "pervert" sites again (what a lame... its just yaoi sites, nothing to embarassed about!)when i registered my self.
and I already abandon this journal after that moment, i lost the password, and lost my guts to write in this site, becoz.. I have a very horriable english in this world!!! (of cource you already realise it!)

this is really a bad start....

well.. i planned to use this journal to keep my rant (oh.. of course i rant everyday) and maybe my fanfictions.... (if I have anytime to translate it to english.. but I dont think i have a guts to do that) --> no!!! my hands already shaking just thinking about it!!!



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